They range from $15-$20 USD 

    Rather than pay for expensive classes with money you don't have I offer an alternative for those who might be going the self education route. Learn at an affordable price and at your own pace. Get feed back from peers in a learning community! Learning some forms of art is moving further and further away from degrees, certificates and stamps of approval. People are taking education into their own hands I love that I can be a part of that.


  1. workshop learning has no quizzes, test's, outdated majors and road blocks to success. 
  2. At SkillShare, class never end! You have access to the material and the community forever once you pay for a class.  
  3. Learn by giving feedback and by making mistakes. 

      Learning can happen from any where as long as you have internet! Learn alongside thousands from across the globe. Try it out for yourself and see if you like the potential new face of education. On a personal note: This class is a deal and damn I wish this was around when I was younger :) Skillshare is really paving the way for the future of learning like other sites such as Khan Academy.

Current Workshop:
CONSTRUCTING A STORY: Advance Visual Story-telling

940 students world wide

89% positive review

Lifetime access

tell a friend get 75% off

I hope to see you all try out this workshop. It might say advance but I make it accessible to people who might have little to NO ART BACKGROUND. I start at fundamentals and walk you into more complex concepts of visual storytelling!

Here are what students say about this workshop--

“Daniel is a unique teacher who really tries to bring across the subject matter in a personal way. Even though we don't have the chance to be in the same room, I really felt that I was getting the information first hand. I didn't take his previous class and can say that this course is very accessible without any need for pre-existing knowledge on storytelling. I feel ready to tell stories worth animating now!”
Dave DK
2D Artist & Animator

“There's no better place than Daniel's class to know the essentials of visual storytelling. I'm uber glad I joined it. 100% satisfied”

“This is a very solid class. I've learned a lot. ”

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