Tuesday, March 20, 2018

POST #5: Bite Off More Than You Can Chew?


One day I'm going to regret writing all these posts... These posts are the reason why I'm never going to be able to run for public office hahaha AND definitely because of my twitter account.. The shit I say on there..

      So what do you do when you bite off more than you can chew? The month of March is happening along here in Los Angeles and I'm working steadily on this short. I'm finally on the verge of animating (yea I was just about done storyboarding) when the worst thing comes up: An opportunity. GASP

"Booo Wooo Danny you got a chance to make some money??... go eat a dick"

     Hey hey hey, Don't crucify me! ... yet. It's the age old dilemma of the artist! You want to stay independent and work on your own, with your own crazy schedule, to work at home with no pants on, Pull all nighters at will, etc. but... You also kinda want to eat. THERES ONLY SO MANY TYPES OF FRUIT COMBOS I CAN MIX INTO MY OATMEAL TO MAKE IT DIFFERENT.. (breathe Danny breathe.. you like eating healthy remember?)

    But yes, that's what happened. I had the chance to be brought on to a project with a major company. They promise a lot of good things that would make anybody sign the dotted line in blood with no hesitation. And most important promise of them all, creative freedom. But in the back of my head sits Disney and Pixar. The experiences with major companies sit very fresh on my mind and there were reasons why I had such a calling to doing it on my own. As you could imagine I was torn. To go back working for someone else or to stay in the trenches and hold down the frontline of creativity..
    But the temptation is real. As when in a relationship, you are presented with something new, something shiny, something... unknown. Hell yea you want some of that action but this is where as men, we are divided into two. Some act and do something immediately stupid.... and some think, and THEN do something stupid. Obviously yours truly was the latter.

Totes Me
      Sooo... Hell yea you tell the company, "Sure lets see how this goes for a while." Nonchalant of course, you don't wan to show weakness... they can smell that stuff  Soon after you are wondering of what other opportunities are open to you? So you do a little search. Before you know it, You're signed up to give a talk at UCLA next month,  and teaching two workshops online for two different companies,  Sorry Marlon, you're still my number one online favorite animation school <3 And now I'm on the verge of thinking.. pfff, why don't I also just private tutor? I've done it before.

      For 20 days I put my short on hold and snagged up opportunity after opportunity. Now I'm busy for the next few months. and my birthday is next week (that doesn't really have nothing to do with anything I just like to shamelessly plug my own Bday).The weight of responsibility sits heavy and I'm second guessing if it was a good idea to ask for this much to do. And I still haven't even told my family I'm moving out of the state again (if you read this before I tell you SHHHHH, act surprised anyway)


Get a planner. It's that simple, Write in it every day. Get a boring normal one or go online and order a fancy "Happiness Planner." It doesn't matter, just get something to help you organize yourself and update it every single day. Check it as often as you check your instagram stories, or as often and you log onto Pornhub, I dont care. Just do it.

So thats what I'm doing :) and It's working. Hope it helps you out too. As for my short.. I hope I get back to it soon. I'll let you know. I dont wan tto wait till I'm scratching the bottom of the barrel for cash. So maybe this isn't a bad thing..The following quote has nothing to do with this post, I just felt like writing it.

"I'm falling in all directions and I can't turn back. I don't want to turn back. The decision is made. Even though the sun is shining bright here with it's warmth and positivity.. I'm needed in the dark. There are places I need to bring the light to"