I'm about making art accessible to every single person on this planet. I created this site for the opportunity to share my experiences, knowledge, and insights on a variety of things that I have gained from life, school, and working at the Walt Disney Animation Studio's.

At Disney we never stop learning!


Learn by being shown 'how'

      My posts are usually long winded and as thorough as I can possibly make them. I try my hardest to inform you or show you how to do something rather than giving up and directing you to a book or a tutorial. I will never tell you, "Your art isn't working, it's missing something.. put some zing into it." I love focus on concepts, pointing out problems, showing you exactly how I would go about solving them multiple ways, and the reasoning behind my choices. Is it weird I find this fun? :)

     Everyone is an artist! You can learn from anyone which means we're all teachers. I am very passionate in sharing everything I have learned. So I hope everyone passes on something they learned to someone who may need it one day. I don't think I'm the best teacher and I especially do not think I know it all and I don't have any disillusions of changing the world.. I just want to encourage people to explore, ask the right questions, and find their individual artist inside of themselves.

     I will put up my own personal work up here as well. Most of my personal animation is in 2D and my paintings/drawings will also will be posted from time to time.


And last and not least: Please remember that what ever I mention are merely my opinions and I never intend for my words to be taken as fact. I also would like to point out my words do not represent anybody else but myself.