Overview of Professional Work

For 9+ years I have worked for The Walt Disney Company. Over the years I have honed my skills including but not limited to: Animation, Storyboarding, Animatics, Story telling, Concept and character development. I have been part of teams seeing these projects from concept to completion. Everyday we have direct contact with the director and we discuss the best way to execute our stories and ideas. Listed below are a few examples of how I have contributed as a Disney Animator.

Due to copy write and owner ship issues with Disney, I can not show you nearly as much as I would like too but I can provide links to my work.

Scene/song, "You're Welcome"
I was brought on to this song while the song was still in scratch. As an artist and animator we had to brainstorm and solve how to bring the directors vision of 2D and 3D to Life. I animated the main characters and the animatics of the 2D assets.

Scene - Jumbo Pop
I animated specifically the moments when the fox is talking to the Elephant.

Primarily worked with the characters Hiro, Baymax, and the villain. A Character I worked in thedevelopment phase was Honey Lemon

Responsible for animating the primary main characters such as Elsa, Anna, etc.. I was working in pre production developing Hans and Olaf. Here is a scene I saw from start to finish. I specifically enjoyed animating the parts when Kristoff is in trouble off the wagon.

Besides animating the main characters, I was part of the team also responsible for creating, designing and executing the end credits. This was done entirely from scratch.

Are Projects I was apart of during my time with PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS

 More Disney artwork -
Here are samples of artwork that usually never get to be seen. These are sketches and illustration animators make when exploring characters and developing personalities. 70 percent of all work done for a film never sees the light of day.
In addition, I have contributed my skills to studios around the world such as at Animal Logic on THE LEGO MOVIE. I have been a professor of animation and art for the last 6 years and have held master classes at UCLA and cities all over the world (Chicago, Mexico, Beirut, Sydney etc) I have also worked on music videos and promotional advertisements for non profit organisations.

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