Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Mouse

The Mouse is everywhere... 

-All I have to say is that... big things are on the horizon...

      Disney has some crazy cool things in store in the next few years and it is a VERY VERY exciting time to be here. Riding on the heels of Tangled are some very emotional filled movies that I can't wait for all of you to see. Disney Animation Studios is packed with talent in every hall way and over every desk and with the over sight of Lasseter and Ed, the studio has many bright days in front of it. I can't speak of most of it but just take my word for it since im behind the scenes. :)

      Being here at Disney is very rewarding because they give you opportunities to draw and grow as an artist. I have been oil painting and life drawing more than I have in a while. Here are some things I've done..

Figure Drawing.. quick 2 minuts stuff

Oil Painting, one hour

So what I want to touch upon today is something very simple but very hard to control:

      -Ever have a hard time with an assignment? Know whats wrong with it but just need time? When people take a look do you feel the need to jump in there and point out the flaws so they know you're not a dumbass and can see the mistakes you have made?

       Then how about you DON'T show people!!!!! Get your work to the point where the excuses stop and your work can speak on its own. Bc THEN, when people grade that, their notes touch upon much more valuable information. This recently happened to me. I wasn't raised on MAYA because where I was at, they used house made software and it was very well good. Now I have to use maya and I have to learn it while I try to do my best on my shots that are given to me. In the beginning I used to show early and often, like how one is suppose to, but I noticed some of the notes I was getting from my peers and mentors were notes coming from my inexperience with Maya.. but I didn't say anything because no one likes excuses :) So I started staying late and only showing my work when it was the furthest I could push my animation in the time given and where it wasn't evident that my inexperience with MAYA was a factor. Then I started getting notes that mattered and they really helped me out.

Theres a Beast.. and it's called MAYA

       So thats a little example of something im going through right now. None the less I am having a blast. I know I know I've been getting emails of people asking me the same question so I'll answer. You can not really compare PIXAR and DISNEY's animation houses. they are two different machines. One house in my opinion, is more Spline conscious and the other is more Pose Conscious. What do I mean? Well one studio focuses a lot more on the graph editor while the other one is heavily heavily influence by 2D style of animation :) and both of them are very very powerful. It's like trying to compare super powers, you can't! Each house has it's own strengths.

So that's it for now, I have to cut it short this time (no epicly long Post this time, but I will try to post again soon!!!) keep on animating and see you at CTN because it's right down the street :)

-Daniel Gonzales