Sunday, January 13, 2013

Study 101: Compare and Contrast ACTING

     Here is a wonderful example of two actors delivering the same line and getting two very different results. Ask your self: They are both well done, but how are they different. What is one actor doing different than the other actor, Why do I like that one the most. etc etc.

I hope you enjoy the clip,

Thursday, January 3, 2013


   I do hope everyone's Holidays and New Years went by really well.

     Some time between 3-4 in the morning after the ball dropped I sat down and I reflected on all the opportunities I've come across this year. I thought off all the opportunities I'd taken advantage of and which ones I let slip by. Most of the opportunities that gave me fruits where ones I didn't think too highly of at the time when they first revealed themselves to me. But the best opportunities that I had where ones I made happen with hard work, good intentions, and being in the company of good people that I'm lucky enough to call family and friends.

     About a year ago I did a blog post talking about a short film I did with a few friends. Ted Hayden and Sunday Wang. It was the best random decision I have ever done. I always try to do random decision and stupid things, because from those bad decisions come stories, and those stories have experiences to share and turn into art later. Like driving 1 hour to a party with 7 ppl in my car when it can only fit 4 and not knowing how I will get back bc there is no gas and no one has money (one stayed in the trunk on the ride) Most would call these actions irresponsible or dumb, but I call them adventures, I like situations where I wont know what exactly might happen OR better yet, I know something bad is most likely to happen. I want to see how I'd react, or how I'd handle the situation. I discovered a lot about my self... not all of it something good.
      But this Short Film I directed... was a crazy experience. And on this crazy experience I learned something good:

I'm glad I'm an Animator and not working in the live action business :D

Biker from Ted Hayden on Vimeo.

Moral of the story, make sure you go in your car so you wont have to ride in the trunk.