Thursday, November 11, 2010

If You Need Some Direction

First Post, whada ya know...

So twice in the last 24 hours have I personally came across this topic,
- 'What to do to get a job.'

        I just realize that this is a question that has to be answered with a true, honest, and specific understanding tone. You might read on other blogs that you must work hard, learn your craft, don't be a dick to people, and many general tips like these... but what if you DO work hard, what if you are NOT a deuce bag, what if.. what if you just NEED help learning your craft and don't know where to get help? No amount of networking and no amount of film buff knowledge will help you if you don't learn what you need to learn. You can apply to pixar for 6 years and not get in if you do not know your craft.

        So to those out there who read this I have just the few words of advice that I think will help. You need a plan. A plan to get help or a plan to get better. And ANY plan is better than no plan.  Lets say you are in the middle of butt crack no where and you went to college and you KNOW it was a crappy art college and that you learned nothing. Then you look for someone to collaborate with. You want to make a short film? SEARCH for people who would want to make one themselves. Grab your brother or search youtube and find an artist who wouldn't' mind collaborating with you over skype. ANY one is better than by yourself. Because through interaction and the exchanging of ideas does one improve and build ones own knowledge. Don't take your self so seriously. Try to make an epic film. Fail with style. then take everything you learned and make a nice 1 minute film... Do what it takes, but work with people. that's how you have fun building a demo reel.

But Danny I have no friends I live on a Desert Island...

       ok then. Let's say you are in your senior year of college and it has been a shitty experience so far. Tick tock. Graduation is coming and pretty soon your window of getting internships is closing to the size of a pinhole... What do you do? Make a plan! if you have 2 semester's left and you have nothing for your portfolio, then you definitely need a plan. Should you spend all that time on one GIANT project and go for the home run or build up a steady stream of short/small scale work? EITHER ONE IS FINE. if you go for the home run, do not kid yourself and make sure you have your production schedule planned out for every minute of the day. If you fall behind then cut something that is taking your time. Like SLEEP. pshh, who needs sleep any way. I went for a home run one semester. I fell behind. I pulled as many all nighters in a roll until I was up to schedule again... lost three whole days of sleep all because I wanted to watch the season finale of LOST...

      or if you are going to do a bunch of little projects. make sure you start at the basics. If this is for painting and you have 5 months left in your school year this would be my plan...

1st month: nothing but figure drawing and still life's
2nd month: going out to draw people and places
3rd Month: Paint figures, still life's
4th month: Paint on location
5th month: shut myself in a studio and paint whatever dares flow from your mind...

But you see what I mean? by the end of that semester even if you do not have not one worthy painting I BET your skills improved.. and this formula can work with animation and any other art form. Dont' take my word for it, try it...

Have a plan. thats the best thing you can do for yourself. More importantly a plan that will improve yourself and your craft. Thats all I can really say to you. I hope you enjoyed my first post.
any questions.. send them to me (view SEND ME WORK  link) I will be sure to answer them.



  1. Yes! I'm so excited to see you've started a blog too! haha maybe this is what's destined for recently alumni'd cca students. This is great first-ish post though Danny. Hope you're doing well and hope to run into you soon.

  2. i know I GET YOUR TEXT all the time but always when i find myself not being able to hang out. always so busy :( soon though. very soon