Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking For Animation Books?

List of a few books for animators that are must read:
-Animators Survival Kit -Richard Williams*
-Illusion of Life -Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson
-Dream Worlds -Hans Bachor*
-Drawn To Life -Walt Stanchfield*
-Animation: The archive Series (Disney)
-Elemental Magic- Joseph Galland*

      Sorry for the lack of Posting, I am working on a Hand Drawn Short. I will definitely be posting some progress reels and some words on how I go about talking a project. IN TWO DAYS expect something.

-Daniel Gonzales


  1. Nice, I've read those!

    Do you know more books like Joseph Gallands'? I don't know any more on that subject

  2. when I met him, he said he wasn't much of the writing type, I do not know if he has anything else out there