Sunday, May 8, 2011

Animation: Boy with Fire


      And you can always see what kind of student some one is by looking at their work. I went to the California College of the Arts Animation Show last week and saw a lot of amazing good stuff. A little Stop Motion, a little modelling and rendering, some amazing 2D animation as well as some very nice 3D animation. But no matter the quality you can always kinda guess the students work flow. Just keep that in mind when you are hoping that you can fool your teacher by doing your work the day before it's due...

When ever an animation assignment is given to a student, there are three types of students that I have observed.

-The type that procrastinate. They start late, they have an epic short film and want to finish it two weeks before it's due..
-The type that over estimate themselves. That start early and they want to do a fifteen minute short in 5 months...
-And lastly the type that is right in the middle. They don't aim to be epic, and they do not procrastinate.


Here is what I animated for the CCA Animation Show 2011. Hope you like it.
If the Video Does not play, here's the link Boy with Fire

      I was asked to make this 3 weeks before the show, so that gave me 2 weeks to animate. So a couple of all nighters here some Starbuck breaks there and this is what you get. Thanks to my friend for the special effects with photoshop!  I also Provided my Pencil Test version with no sound and no special effects so you can see all my notes and mistakes flash and pop in the corners of the pages. You will see numbers and drawings and those help me keep track of my drawings and planning when I am in the middle of animating. Do notice the fire! It was my first time animating fire and it was fascinating. I will have to do a whole post about just fire soon to share some stuff I learned.

(Sorry no Pencil Test, could not upload)

      I cannot stress how important it is to always do your own work on the side even when you do have a job animating. A lot of Artists NEED that certain type of freedom that allows them to explore, and there's no better way to do that than on your own terms.
      But if you do need some structure I want to tell you about SPLINE DOCTORS. They're are having a month long animation contest. It starts May 9th and ends June 10th. If you're gnna say that you wish you had time or that you are too busy, those are excuses. The hours from 10PM to 2AM I find are Prime animation time that any one can tap into to. No one bothers you, nothing on TV. It's golden. MAKE TIME to do art. The link to The Spline Doctors Web Page is on the upper right side of my page. They are offering Prizes for the top three best animated pieces they receive. Good luck!

-Daniel Gonzales

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