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QUICK SIDE NOTE: I will be teaching an online workshop on visual story telling starting MARCH 19th If you are interested and want to know how to sign up for it click the link :)

     I'm teaching on this site called SKILL SHARE. There's a lot of things being taught on that sight but not much art, so the site reached out to me and I agreed to host a class for 3 weeks. ITs not crazy expensive at all, you pay $15 bucks or less for the class you want and then you're given access to the class online and you get to hear lectures from me and participate on assignments. Its really straight forward and fun.

     So here's the link for those who would like to learn about VISUAL STORYTELLING. I'm sharing everything I've learned since I started to work at Pixar and Disney. It's going to be dense with a lot of juicy info that I won't share on this blog :)  I strongly strongly suggest you check it out. It might actually blow our mind.

LINK to class
link to site

PS. If you email me and say you are interested in the class I can give you a discount, it use to be a 10 dollar discount, I think now I can just get you a 50% discount, which is still a pretty sweat deal!
UPDATE (March 16th): I have gotten more emails than expected so I have asked the owners of the site if they'd let me give out more discounts, and they said yes! So email me if you would like a discount code. it is now available until that day the class strts WHICH IS THE 19th.



     I have never been more excited over something in a long time than I am over this (Well thats a lie, I was excited the other day over this ginormous burrito that was soooo good!.. but thats besides the point)  

     Theres a new animation school in Los Angeles. Most if not all the teachers are animators at Walt Disney Animation Studios. This is a tremendous opportunity to learn the tricks and skills of animation from real professionals. Not only are you learning from animators who work at the legendary Walt Disney Animation Studios but you are also learning from the traditions and skills of animators that passed on their knowledge from generation to generation. ANIMATION was out on the map by Disney Animation. forget about if they're movies are timeless or flop from time to time because if you are worried about story take a story-telling class! I'm talking about animation! If you want to learn animation the way Glen Keane, Eric Goldberg and Milt Kahl do it, then you go learn from a Disney Animator.

     There are other animation schools out there but this is the first time ever that Disney Animators are coming together for you! They want to teach and to pass on the knowledge and the ways of animation that have been pioneered since the days of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1937. This is a priceless opportunity for those in southern california wishing to learn how to animate.

Where is this school Danny?? How can I find out more??
One of the many amazing things about this school is it's location. It's in the heart of hollywood (Hollywood blvd and Highland Ave., Los Angeles, CA.) Whats more inspirational than being where all the movies are made and being in the middle of everything?


What can I expect from this Animation School, will I like it, what's it going to be like??
     You expect top notch quality. Every single one of our teachers is a supervising animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios. So you will be learning from the best. It's not a hassle to get to the school since its right on the red line METRO subway station in los angeles. You can expect a very intimate student teacher experience bc the class sizes are tiny (8 people) You can expect an experience tailored to you. you can bring in work you are already working, or  to improve your portfolio reel, or start from scratch and learn something new. Its up to you! There will be lectures, Demos, critiques, assignments and much much more! so expect awesomeness.

Meet them yourself! HERE, these animators a great and I can not think of a more friendlier bunch of people than these four guys. This school is just getting started, expect new teachers rotating in and out! the site will also be updated soon with videos and all sorts of fun things! The four teachers are:

Nathan Engelhardt;
Focus: Expert level students who want to take their work to a professional level and learn to polish like a boss

Adam Greene; Focus: Beginner students that want a running start on beginning their education in animation

Brent Homman: Focus will be those who are struggling in the middle. Past beginner but not quite expert level. 

Michael Franceschi: for those too far to come to LA but still want to learn!

Wait WAIT WAIT!!! Did I just read an ONLINE CLASS will be available Danny?
     I did indeed. There will be ONE class offered as an online class. they will try it out and see how it works. If your in San Francisco or Utah or the butt crack of no where with no animation school insight? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to get a first class, 101, professional: "This is how to F***ing animate" can of whoop ass and learn something! :)  I'm kidding about the ass kicking. 

The latest these guys have animated on were Disney's Oscar winning Paperman and Oscar nominated Wreck-it Ralph!


     You show up and bring your laptop (There's nothing like working with something comfortable and familiar. ) All classes will take place at night. Whats around the school besides everything? (music schools, acting schools, stores, restaurants and everything else you could think of. There's lots of energy around! There are all kinds of artist here in hollywood and you'll get to meet a lot of them too! The walk of fame is literally in front of the building. Since all the studios are in LA and around Hollywood, do you know what that means? NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES.

-Animation mentor, a lot of students fall through the cracks and dont attain the skills the need to be hired.
-Cal Arts and other schools (except CCA bc that school kicks ass) Who wants to spend 4 years and close to 50,000 bucks?
-Anim Colab is also a good school and just as good as Anim Squad. you can think of the Anim Squad as southern california's answer to Anim Squad.. but its up north where its cold, and they have like.. nature and shit. Who wants to go see a bear when you could see this accross the street from the Anim Squad location in Hollywood, California.

Last word:
     This is a something you will learn from. your mind will be blown. you will improve, you most likely will be at your highest potential artistically by the time you are done with this school. also take my class I'm teaching on here's the link to my class! CLASS

Also if you do take a class at Anim Squad, mention that you heard it from me and something great should happen :)


  1. I just found out about the skillshare class and it's already started (plus I'm too busy with other work to play catch up :-( ) Do you think you'll be doing another one of these classes? Do you have a newsletter or similar I ca sign up to? Thanks!

  2. I will update this blog with time to let everyone know when my next class is coming, as of right now, I'm aiming for my next class to start around the end of April.