Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Art Spotlight: Sculptures


Art through Shadows
        I came across this a while ago and it's too great not to share. This art has no practical purpose and I love it. Art doesn't need to entertain or help you out in your daily life, art can be made to just simply challenge your imagination for a moment. It takes time to create something like this and if it wasn't for the patience of artists.. the world would be quite boring indeed.

Real Life is Rubbish, 2002 Mixed Media

       Tim Noble and Sue Webster make piles of discarded wood, welded scrap metal, broken tools, cigarette packets soda cans and piles of trash to create amazing images! Every piece is thoughtfully put in it's place taking into consideration it's shadow on the wall. From piles of nothing come recognizable figurative images that capture your interest for more than just a moments glance. More art from these artist  can be seen on their website: TIM NOBLE AND SUE WEBSTER

Dirty white Trash (W/Gulls), 1998;
6 months worth of artists' trash, 2 taxidermy seagulls

Wild Mood Swings, 2009-10
2 wooden step ladders, and discarded wood

The Original Sinners, 2000; Replica fruits, bark, moss, bowls, fishing wire, cooking oil, metal

She, 2004 Welded scrap (Part 1 of 2 from a diptych)

        Remember that anything can be made into art! Art doesn't have to confine itself to film and drawing. I posted this because it is a good example of unlikely medium. Ask yourself, "Would you call these shadows Art?" I hope it challenges you to accept things out side the box and influences you to once in a while step outside the box as well. Keep in mind that just because a method or something isn't popular doesn't mean it's not worth anything. Let your mind wander and explore things you once thought stupid or a waste of time, you might find new value where there was none before.