Thursday, February 6, 2014

ANIMATED BUZZ: community of artists


     Animation Buzz is a site that brings the animation community together with other aspiring artist and connecting them with current industry professionals. Not only do you get to make friends but you can get critiques, one session at a time, to students, from students, by professionals, Its pretty much a wild crazy fun place where who ever is interested can find what they need. Whether it's a second opinion on your work or some general guidance Animation Buzz is full of inspiration. Utilize the site's various social networking features to help inspire yourself on your creative journey

If I was to describe it I would call it a social network for just artists. A familiar facebook-esque layout is easy to navigate and see what is going on around your community. Forums are constantly being filled with threads related to art and animation. Illustrators are sharing their work and story artist are constantly asking for feedback. 

The site has 'coaches' which are industry professionals that are a part of the community that offer guidance and feedback when they can. Over seer's of the culture if I may, they offer critiques and chime into threads during their free time. Any one can become a member of AnimBuzz, all they have to do is sign up and create a profile. Totally FREE to do so.

            This site is important because as an aspiring artist you must grasp how important networking is. to be good at networking is a whole other talent in itself that takes practice. If you are talented that's fine, but a;; that talent is going to be hard to find from a studios perspective if you haven't networked around. You will be an invisible gem that has very little chance to be discovered. Put yourself out there, say hello and who knows, you might make some lifelong friends along the way. The business world is a small world and I can tell you now that friends I've met 6 years ago through animation communities I still talk to today. So I encourage you to check out the site and I hope you find what you are looking for :) And even if you don't check out the site, go search for what community sites your style and immerse yourself in it!


Let me introduce you to some of the coaches:


The creator of the site is my buddy and fellow Disney Animator:
(don't worry I couldn't pronounce the last name correctly on the first time either!) Without him there would be no Animation Buzz. His credits include Princess and the frog, Winnie the Pooh, Frozen, and Wreck it Ralph. He's a great approachable guy with a whole lot of talent! He's constantly checking in on the community and dropping knowledge on the masses.

20 years of experience as a professional traditional animator. He can assist you on all aspects of animation! He has worked on films such as emperor's New Groove, Tarzan, Hercules, Space Jam and more (Yes! SPACE JAM) He's a wealth of knowledge and a powerhouse addition to the site.

He is the artist and designer behind the website Forest and Waves. He was a visual development artist at Liaka Studios for 6 years and before that: Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and more. He is a very talented artist and you could check out all his work here:

A Dreamworks story artist working in animation. He keeps up with an awesome blog that gives you insight to the life of a story artist at home and at work. He's worked on awesome films such as The Croods and How to Train Your Dragon. If you join the community make sure to pick his brain bc he is just oozing with knowledge.

--are all Walt Disney Animators that have just joined the site. They are amazing and just a few of their credits include Wreck it Ralph and The blockbuster hit FROZEN that is still demolishing the box office. I see them just about every day and you could take my word that they're solid. Say hi when you get the chance to this crazy bunch

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