Thursday, May 9, 2013


      I read an article today about a boy named Zach Sobiech. He has cancer and only has a few weeks left to live. When he first found out about his cancer he made this song:

       And that was that, until a few artist saw it and told a few more artist and so the snowball continued. They all made a video for Zach singing his song! Its such a heart touching story that these people, who are actors, singers, musicians, dancers, and more, are just like you and me. They often get put up on pedestals and sometimes could come off as cold just bc they dont want the paparazzi in their face 24/7, but they aren't gods or robots, they are people. So check out these two videos and enjoy. Artist who helped out are well known, such as Jason Marz, Sarah Silverman and more. See how many you can recognize!

      Always remember, if you get famous or if your ego gets very inflated, to come back down to earth sometime.


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