Monday, August 5, 2013


Guess what we've been doing...

Just guess..

       Making a Brand Spanking New DISNEY PRINCESS! About 67 of the worlds greatest animators have been in the trenches for the whole summer. They've been working their butts off to bring to you a whole new movie that FEEEEELS like a Disney Classic. It feels like Little Mermaid and Lion King.. and it feels like Disney is back. Stay patient, bc once this movie comes out in November, it won't disappoint.

        But bringing new Disney princesses to life is hard work! Here is how your favorite Disney Animators unwind at Griffith Park, short drive from the Walt Disney Animation Studios. These are the faces that help bring past time favorites such as Emperor's New Groove and Wreck it Ralph! These are people are like you and me, these are my friends, these people are artists. I think it's very important to see the smiles behind the movies people grow up with :) enjoy the video!

        I hope everybody is enjoying their summer! And do not forget, if you are an aspiring animation student and are looking to further your education to the next level, these Pie throwing Disney animators also TEACH. (schools name is called AnimSquad) I specifically want to point out that if you don't have the time/money to take a semester in this Downtown Los Angeles school, These Disney animators are doing a Master Class that is only a weekend long. If you want more info here's the link!

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