Monday, February 9, 2015

Disney Characters in Real Life


     I came across these images a while ago and I have tried to search for the artist with out success. (EDIT: found him! Harry Mcnally ) I thought these are too interesting to not share so here you go! When you look at them just don't think, "That's nice.." but try to figure out why you like the photos (if you even do like them)

      Is it that the B&W make the colors pop, is it the contrast of flat characters in 3D backgrounds, is it that their expressions are so well drawn that we accept them in a realistic setting.. all of the above? Or is this artist a Photoshop hack that was just looking for quick attention? What ever your opinion or thought, its all right. I'm just asking you to have one :)

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  1. psst! The artist is Harry McNally!