Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Millenial Rebuttal

(I saw a nice video shared around the interwebs so I thought I'd like to share its message.) Millenials are of people born in the late 1900s who are growing up during the 2000's

      The Me Me Me generation. "Millinennials are lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents." "They'll save us all" They say we are the selfie generation, and that we are lazy with no work ethics. Apathetic and willfully ignorant. They say we are too attached to our technology. Yet we see this technology doing remarking things the past generations couldn't dream of. Apperently we're all easily distracted by the next best thing.

We're consumed by our shallow social lives, yet we share great ideas faster than ever before by shooting links through facebook and twitter.

      They say we put no value on human connection and always taking pictures of our food.

     We can't put down our phones. (Even though the media gets a good heads up to big stories to cover thanks to cell phone coverage) 

      They say we think the world revolves around us and we're disconnected from our loved ones. They say we're never content and don't agree with everything the older generation say. 

My favorite reaction from  people are:

      Some are quick to shoot down communicating and living on the internet. "Go outside and do something!" we hear. "Go talk to someone face to face. have a real conversation. You can't fall in love over the internet. make a real connection." When I hear this my mind immediately goes back in time and wonders, ..what would they say that someone in the 1600's who fell in love over correspondence and love letters. Sending love notes back and forth over and over for years with out meeting! Would they say THAT isn't real love? That their bond is less than someone who actually has a face to face conversation like today?

      I think people are just afraid of change. Plato said that writing would make people dumber. If people learned to write that they will less incline to remember things. Why remember knowledge when you can write it down for later. Maybe he just didn't understand how great writing would be for us down the line..

      So for who ever gets put down for listening to "trash" and hovering over their phone all day, don't worry about it. It is proven time and time again that when people don't understand something, they attack it and or fear it. Say to them, "Get over it. You left us with a shit world, so we will do what we want with it." :)

We understand you care..

We care too..


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