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Why does Disney still have drawing classes?


(I read this really cool article a while back! Thought I'd summarize it here because it touched upon some important things students and new animators should keep in mind! Enjoy the post!)

The Disney Studios

"Disney makes movies with only computers now, nobody draws, CG is destroying the business, Remember when animation used to be good??"

      This is shit I read on the daily.. But it couldn't be further from the truth! Over here at Disney we draw, and are always learning. For about 82 years this studio has been developing and teaching artist behind the scenes through figure drawing classes and with lectures on classical drawing.

       As artist we are dealing with characters. Characters have bodies and we have to know how to move them believably! Other wise you get animation that looks like it came straight out of 'QWOP'

      In these drawing classes here at Disney, they don't just lock us in a room with "it's a small world" blaring from speakers as projectors flash the words: "MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC" over and over, lol. We actually have some pretty cool drawing masters lead the class and walk around as we draw the model. Sometimes as they will politely interrupt you and say, "Nice!" While other days they might sit down and give you a personal demo on how to nail that foreshortened knee.
      You can create an animated film with out knowing how to draw. But it's more about what drawing knowledge can add to your art. "You can't achieve dynamics with out bones and structure, and in order to have structure you need to study it. From there one can extend out in any direction towards any style." -Karl Gnass

      Check out this drawing by Glen Keane. Drawings like these influence how the characters are created and sculpted in computer animated films.

   On a more personal note, these drawing classes aren't to just have us in tip-top shape 24/7. They also serve as an escape. I know I go to these 2 1/2 hour classes during lunch to get away once in a while. Some people play Foosball, others sit and video chat with love ones. All day you are working on the directors vision and bringing it to life which is awesome! Though, getting some 'me' time to remind myself, 'hey I have ideas too' is also great. I get to do what ever I want in that class and have some fun creating something for no one other than me. That opportunity to do that in your work place is priceless!

      Who do we have to thank? Art Drawing classes started at Disney around 1932 thanks to Art Babbitt. It was uninstructed at first, but then Disney hired Don Graham, who taught at an art school in Los Angeles.

Figure Drawing back in the day

    Now to something relevant: You will see computer artist who are attending drawing classes with the sole intent to gain some secrets of how things move by studying anatomy and structure. They don't understand that its more than that. You have to not only understand why something is right but also how to create it from the inside out with feeling. (WOA DANNY, that was way tooo artsy. slow down there) All I'm saying is that you don't draw to become an animator or to work in animated films. You draw to help yourself become an artist. And that said, Artists can make the best animators.

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The original article is here so make sure to give it a look for it is much better written :) Original text

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