Saturday, February 3, 2018

3 Years at Pixar, 5 Years animating at Disney, 2 Years traveling the world, What could i possibly have to talk about?

-First post of many-

       If you're reading this that means I actually worked up the energy to type: "CUNT" Now that i set the bar as low as possible for politeness, I can be myself. Which was going to happen anyway but this way you have a fair warning before I start to document the daily struggles of making a short film from scratch.

       First of all, "Hi" to my 3 readers. I do hope one day you find relationships and get a life. I do not know how you manage to give me a few thousand views a month. I refuse to believe people actually read my blog.. my last post was in... 2015? wow. Well don't get too excited I'm not going to drop some invaluable animation knowledge. There are better blogs for that.


        Thanks for asking. Where do I start?.. hmm Well at some point i'll get to all the parts. It'll include me in handcuffs in the back of a police car, the occasional sex-capade, riding a Motorcycle at 2 am with bunny slippers in Lebanon because I locked myself out of my place, in South Africa on a horse back safari (which is insane now that im thinking about that.. but i guess the lion could eat the horse instead of me?) no less insane than me driving on the Syria border through kilometers of marijuana fields though. Spiders in Australia that look like that thing in 'ALIENS' that comes out of the stomach and sucks your face, Mushroom cloud explosions in the Ukraine that wont ever get reported (not even kidding..) Randomly sitting down for 4 hours at a birthday dinner in Nashville with three elderly white southern ladies, (yes we talked about TRUMP) And tons more i couldn't be bothered to recall

Bunny Slippers

South Africa

Anyway, I need to get back to story boarding. Usually I find my self at a random Cafe but today the dinning room table looks very nice. (Mainly because the light is too bright outside for my hangover) 

Unfaithfully yours,

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