Monday, February 12, 2018

post #2: Pulling The Trigger: Going to New York

Post #2: Shit, I guess this story is told best from the start...

I woke up in a California winter (which is about 75 F/ 23C if you're wondering) and within 40 minutes of opening my eyes I bought a one way ticket to New York.. with no insurance for my ticket. So this way I had to go. Didn't even check my bank, didn't even see if I knew anyone there. Sure, I made some people mad by leaving (sorry for making you set up a christmas tree and leaving you with it and all those memories! She know who she is) but I knew I needed to get away if I ever wanted to work on my own work. I don't have the discipline to say no to drinks and hanging out with friends. Hey at least i can admit it! Being honest is something I learned in AA.. I can also admit I went to a bar after every AA meeting. (Ok Danny stop sharing stuff) Any way I would write a lot as i traveled because pictures just didn't capture everything. So here is something I wrote when I first arrived to New York:

Yesterday I sat in a silly cafe in a nobody neighborhood. Ate nothing. It was so cold I didn't want to move. So cold, your body is automatically flexing when you walk. It hurts after a while. Maybe this is how it feels when your body turns into a popsicle. This city hates it's winter. Everyone dreams of California. And they don't understand why I'm over here. What am I doing? Is this a glorified vacation or did I just make myself homeless on purpose? Why are people amazed at this? Is it Bc I'm actually doing this? Traveling? People think I'm free. I'm just finding out in just carrying my own cage with me where ever I go. (LOL SO EMO HAHAHAHA i was going to edit and delete this part but .. meh, ill keep it in)

Today I'm sitting in a proper coffee house diner. The place only had 4 people in it. It was very old. 2 people spoke in a thick Bronx accent, "Add that. ...But think about it... So and so... How did you get that. ..12. By 12 months. 20,000? Wow. Yeah that's a lot a money. Yeaah.." The waitress/hostess was talking to a regular. The lady called me honey like how a mom does. She was sweet. She didn't get comfy with me until after I was there two hours writing at the same booth. I could only imagine she's never left that neighborhood in her life. Her teeth were messed up. She had a daughter in PA and son in Brooklyn. She was proud though. Very proud. Her name is Melissa. "My name is Melissa. Big me loss. Little me loss. That's a good name right?" I dont know what she ever meant by big me loss little me loss...

So about my short:

First off staying focused on making a short film isn't hard. I can stay focused while doing some dirty dishes, I can stay focus while being out on a Saturday night, I can stay focused on making my short while doing anything else BUT while doing my short. As soon as I sit down in my room I go blank and I rather just take a nap (naps are glorious)

 So recognizing this, I do most of my work in cafe's as I have traveled around the world. The result, 3 screenplays, storyboarding marathons, a few dozen Tinder dates and I've read 5 books in the last 12 months. And a lot of latte's ..or Flat- whites as they called them in Australia.

This is enough typing for now. Both Pictures are from my first time in New York

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