Monday, December 20, 2010

Looking back- Composition

       From now until January, I will continuously post old drawings and sketches and say a word or two about it. no long rants like in the past. Right now I'm all about catching up with family and taking it easy and so should you be doing the same. Am I being hypocritical? Yes, because I never stop drawing and working. This one I did when I was around 16. I used pen and mostly pencil. As I was getting portfolio reviews while applying to colleges, this one was pointed out often for it's composition.

      It's very important because it is an aesthetic element that appears in just about any expressive medium. There are a lot of 'rules' to composition such as rule of space, focus point, rule of thirds but always remember

      that these rules will not save your composition if all you do is just apply them to your art work. If you are trying to achieve a specific emotion or meaning with your work then HOW you use these rules becomes just as important as these rules themselves.

      You have to recognize when you might have to break a rule or follow it strictly. In the drawing above, it would of not of done me any good to make an unbalanced composition. If I was going for something different then maybe an unbalanced composition might of suited the drawing better..
      In drawing, composition means controlling your viewers eye. what will they look at first, what do you not want the viewer to focus as much on. In music composition is different and applies more to the piece in a linnet (time) fashion. And In animation, composition can be visual but also linear in time. but it would be called rhythm and texture. Either way you say it you are still composing the movements on the screen: When do they move fast? When do they contrast? Are they communicating the feeling you intend? etc.

So enjoy your holidays and I will post another drawing in the next two days, most likely a sketch.

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