Thursday, December 30, 2010

Young and In Love??

I came across a drawing from baaack in the day. Probably fresh man year of high-school. (2004 for the old timers that like being reminded how old they are)

Check out the bad Proportions, check out the flatness, check out the BUBBLE SHADING!!! But you know what? All the bad drawing skills don't matter, because I got my thought on paper. I even think it gets across ok. She had my attention and everyone else was invisible when she was around... Sooo that's exactly what I drew. Some people say, 'B,b BUT Danny! It's too hard to draw you feeeeelings and, and, no body want's to do that pansy ass stuff anyway.. it's for sissy's.." 

Those people have no imaginations...

I didn't know much about drawing elements or composition (other wise I wouldn't of made that bulletin board so obnoxious) but I wanted to draw, I needed to draw, and sometimes you have to realize that you don't need something to inspire you when YOU have so much material to work from that comes from with in yourself. And I rather draw from emotion than just draw 2pac or some other dead idol's face over n over again or draw Pikachu for my cool new clear binder cover...

So go draw something...

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  1. hmm now it makes me wonder who that girl was? haha.. jk! keep up the good work Danny :) thanks for sharing with us & trying to keep in touch even if it's just through blogs. Take care & happy holidays :)

    Roxanne Riego